The House

Luxury accommodation for the family or group of adults headed off for the weekend, either for skiing or Boarding on Mt Hotham or for enjoying the other seasons in the Ovens Valley. Activities are available for all year round regardless of the weather for those who need to be active and for those who don’t. Swimming in the pool, playing foosball or darts, both an indoor and outdoor reading and relaxing area, BBQ area by the pool, outdoor eating area by the pond etc.

Property surrounded by unlimited hiking trails, skiing adventures, hang gliding and paragliding and natural swimming holes etc. Who needs a gym.

There is an adjacent Cottage also available for rent. All year round it’s the perfect destination for large groups. Get in early to find a time when they’re both still available.

For snow lovers staying in the winter there’s a shed outside with racks for ski and snow boarding equipment. The chimney inside the house is awesome for drying any clothing.